What Makes a Good Pop Song?

Last week I gave you a list of the Top 5 charting pop songs on Billboard but what makes a good pop song? I came across a post titled “The Elements of a Great Pop Song” in a forum on gearslutz.com that detailed the important elements needed to write the next hit. I will summarize the key point below.

First, user millennial says that a good pop song has great structure. There needs to be a balance between repetitions and new information. According to millennial, ” A great song structure is designed to keep giving your listener something new, but also provide them with enough familiarity to keep them engaged.”

Second, millennial emphasizes that the melody is everything in pop music. A good pop song keeps the melody so simple and easy to remember that even a preschooler can sing it. It is also important that a song has the right chords to strengthen the melody.

Lastly, a good pop song has great lyrics. If a song is well written it should be able to be summed up in one short phrase says millennial.

Tune in next week as I go more in-depth about song structure.