Understanding Song Structure

Last week I talked about the elements of a pop song and as promised we will now look at the structure of pop songs.

Typically all songs follow the verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge and chorus structure.

But what does this all mean?

The intro of a song usually has no words and consists a few beats to get the listeners attention followed by the first verse. This is generally a repeated melody. The first verse is typically two parts. There can be three verses throughout the song.

Then comes the chorus. The chorus needs to be simple and easy to remember. This is usually the only part of the song fans know all the words to. The chorus is also repeated throughout the song several times.

The bridge can simply be instrumental or the artist singing. While the chorus and the verse can stay the same, the bridge can take a whole different route.

At the end the chorus is repeated and can contain extra lyrics. The outro can consist of a fade hook or an ad-lib.

Try listening to your favorite pop song and see if you can spot the different parts of the songs!