How Prepared Are You For Festival Season?

The sun is out, birds are chirping as you read this and the boys and girls are out making DIY flower crowns. We can see embroidered denim in the distance. Can it be? Festival season at last! From San Francisco to New York, Barcelona and beyond festivals have been announcing their stellar lineups full of acts of all genres. But how does one prepare for festival season? Check out these useful tips on how to physically and mentally prepare for the best time of your life:

  1. BUY FESTIVAL PASSES – First things first, make sure you have your festival pass on lock. Many festivals sell out quickly and are often resold by people looking to make a quick buck for double the original price. Be safe and always buy directly from the festivals official website.
  2. HAVE A PLACE TO STAY – Unless the festival allows onsite camping you will most likely need to find your own accommodations. If you are traveling outside your city make sure to book a hotel in advance. You do not want to be left with no place to stay if you wait until the week before when most rooms are already booked. Places like Airbnb and hostels are also great economic choices to look into. Try to find a place near the festival to avoid paying Lyft or Uber surge prices.
  3. CREATE A PLAYLIST – So you have your festival passes, a place to stay and hopefully have figured out transportation by now. You are good to go. Now what? Get hyped for the festival by creating a playlist of the acts you are excited to see. Want to check out new acts? Follow a playlist full of artist-to-watch playing at the festival. These playlist can easily be found on Spotify by searching the name of the festival followed by the year.
  4. PLAN YOUR OUTFITS – Each festival environment is different so do not try to put together a Coachella outfit unless you are actually going to Coachella. Plan to dress in layers if you are hitting up Outside Lands, San Francisco can be very cold and windy in the summer. Unless you want to ruin your shoes with mud, wear rubber boots to Glastonbury. Do your research on the weather and environment to dress accordingly.
  5. PACK THE ESSENTIALS – Most festivals allow a small backpack for essential items. Things you might need: sunscreen, sunglasses, hand sanitizer and a portable charger. If your festival allows it you should also bring a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated and snacks. Some festival are now making wristbands a form of payment to let festival goers leave their wallets at home, check to see if your wristband is eligible by visiting the festivals website.
  6. HAVE A GOOD TIME – Go wild, have fun! Meet new people who share your love for live music and sing your little heart out.