An Open Letter To The Person Seeing The Concert Through Their Phone Screen

Dear fellow concertgoer,

Whether you or a parent paid for your ticket, someone worked long and hard for you to be there among thousands of music lovers. Do you know how many people wish they could afford even the most nosebleed seats? Yet here you are more worried about recording the whole concert for your Snapchat friends and live streaming the other half of the concert for Facebook. Save the Instagram collage for after the concert, please. Did you really pay all that money to record the concert for your friends who will most likely skip half your Snapchat story?

The other day I went to a concert and noticed the girl in front of me was watching the entire thing through her screen. She seemed to be more worried about getting the perfect angle than actually watching the performer. I then looked around the crowd and noticed more people doing the same. I admit I also like to take a couple pictures to remember the night, but there is no need to spend more time looking at the screen or thinking of a clever caption than actually looking at the performer.

Crowds have gotten more boring since smartphones came along. I remember going to my first concert back in 2008 seeing the entire crowd dancing and singing their hearts out. To me live music is all about the experience. If I wanted to listen to music and be on my phone at the same time I would have stayed home and opened Spotify. But I go to concerts for the thrill of seeing my favorite artists perform my favorite songs. Every concert is a unique experience but it is only as great as you let it be. Going to a concert is your  one night of being stress free and surrounding yourself with people who are as passionate about the artists music as you are.

For your next concert I challenge you to quickly snap a picture once the performer hits the stage and then put your phone away for the rest of the night. This will give you more time to sing, dance and appreciate the talented individual(s) you are there to see.


  1. I agree with you, though I’ve been guilty of this myself a little bit. But as a music blogger, I try to record at least part of one song to include in my concert review. But to watch the whole even through a smartphone is crazy.


  2. S.Payne says:

    Great Post Jazmin!


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