Locals Lose Interest In Outside Lands

Apparently the lineup for local music and arts festival Outside Lands is sounding more like someone’s picnic playlist than a music festival.

The festival caused an uproar when it announced the price to attend was higher than FYF Fest and Coachella with fees, but at least these pricey festivals offer something the local festival does not–payment plans.

Last year SFGate released the article, “Is an Outside Lands 2016 weekend pass really worth it?” and looks to be a common question potential festival goers are asking again this year on Reddit and Facebook after seeing this years price.

This year’s early bird weekend pass cost $355 but the total price came down to $401 after shipping and fees, which was over Coachella’s $399 wristband.

Fans were especially enraged once the festival’s lineup was announced on April 4.

Headliners for the festival include Metallica, The Who and Gorillaz which apparently are not as exciting as Coachella’s headliners Radiohead, Lady Gaga and Kendrick Lamar.

“Apart from Metallica and a couple of hip-hop acts, this reads more like a killer playlist for a picnic in the park than a particularly memorable festival experience,” Reddit user BaronVonFunke said.

Some local festival goers were surprised to learn Coachella offers payment plans.

“I like the idea of having a payment plan and I find it weird that Outside Lands doesn’t have that option,” said San Jose State University student Fatima Eusebio.

Eusebio, who purchased weekend passes to the festival, is currently making plans with friends to re-sell her passes in exchange for tickets to attend Hard Summer Music Festival in Southern California.

“I kinda regret buying three day passes to Outside Lands,” said SJSU history major Lisset Madrigal. “I thought the lineup would be way better, especially since it’s the festival’s 10th year anniversary.”

Madrigal shares the same disappointment with other locals who thought the festival would book bigger acts since it is celebrating 10 years this August.

Some people who expected fresh new artists complained about returning acts like Metallica, The Avett Brother and Empire of the Sun.

Another popular complaint was the lack of hip-hop acts especially compared to other festivals this year who have booked huge acts like Jay Z and Chance the Rapper.

However, because it is a San Francisco festival it has always been very indie rock heavy with its acts.

Are locals unimpressed with this years lineup? Well, it has been over a month and three day passes to the festival are still not sold out.