Country Goes Pop

It is no secret that pop music has influenced many genres but recently we have seen an influx of country artists crossing over to pop. The most notable being Taylor Swift who declared she was making the jump in 2014 after releasing her fifth album, 1989. However, even before then fans noticed she was steering away from her country roots with her 2012 album, Red. This caused the public to call her a sellout. Is that the case, though? Sure, pop music tends to do really well on mainstream radio but Swift was successful even before crossing over. Are we just going to call anyone who switches to pop a sellout? I was never a huge fan of country music but I do like when artists of other genres experiment with their sound and it actually works. In Swifts case, she nailed it. 1989 became the fastest selling album in over a decade.

Other country artist have seen her success and experimented with their sound by collaborating with pop artists. The Backstreet Boys collabed with country duo Florida Georgia Line last year to announce their Las Vegas residency. Little Big Town were joined by Ariana Grade for their 2014 CMA Awards performance. I think this helps fans of pop music crossover to country music as well. I never though I would see Florida Georgia Line in concert but attending the iHeart Radio Music Festival exposed me to their music, and to my surprised I actually enjoyed it. I hope artists continue to experiment with their sound because they too could have the next top selling album.