How To Prepare For Your First Concert

If you are reading this chances are you are getting ready to go to your first concert. Exciting, right? But this can also be nerve-racking so I am here to help relieve any stress or anxiety you may be having. See, I have been to many concerts in my day that frankly, I have lost count. Attending live shows is my passion and I hope to prepare you for one of the most exciting nights of your life.

Seeing your favorite artist or band live can be life changing but what makes it even better is being well prepared. Here are a few tips to get you for the big night:

  1. PLAN YOUR DAY – If you are going to a general admission show there are two questions to ask yourself: do I want to have a good view or I am fine dancing in the back of the room? For me it is always about the view. I am paying good money for the experience so I want to make sure I have the best view of the artist. If that is the case for you then you need to plan to arrive early. Way before doors open. How early? This all depends on the popularity of the act you are seeing. Some acts are so popular that fans camp out to guarantee themselves a front row spot. Check social media to see what other local fans are saying about their plans. If you are going to an arena or outdoor venue with an assigned seat then you are fine showing up when doors open. No need to arrive hours in advance unless you plan to buy merchandise before the show starts. Most importantly, if you are traveling from afar make sure to plan the time you need to leave your house to guarantee you make it to the show on time.
  2. A PORTABLE CHARGER WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE – I have to pull a Kanye here and say the portable charger is one of the best inventions of all time. Whether you spend all day waiting in line to guarantee yourself a good spot or not, going to a show is a fun but long experience. Chances are you are going to document the best night of your life, right? Tweeting about how euphoric it was to see your favorite band perform your favorite song or opening Snapchat to record a snippet of the artist talking about your city. All of this can drain your battery pretty quickly and this is when a portable charger becomes your superhero. It is there to not only save the day but to save your battery. You might consider bringing your charger with an adapter but do you really want to be sitting on the floor next to a random wall charging your phone? What if your phone dies mid concert? Leave the adapter at home and invest in a portable charger.
  3. PREPARE FOR A LOT OF PUSHING AND SCREAMING – Attending a general admission show? Start to mentally prepare for the invasion of your personal space. Everyone is really excited to see the performer(s) and wants to make sure they get as close to the front of the stage as possible. This entails a lot of pushing. People will squeeze and push their way through the crowd. It can be easy to start a fight, and they do breakout from time to time, so make sure to stay calm and brush it off. You might also get pushed or smacked by someone next to you dancing and jumping from excitement…guilty. The best thing to do in this situation is to join them. Dance like nobody is watching because chances are when you are in a room packed like sardines the only people everyone is looking at are the performers. Finally, whether you are attending a general admission show or not there will be a lot of screaming. Everyone is there because they listen to that artist a million times on repeat and know their lyrics by heart. Fans will do doubt be screaming the lyrics at the top of their lungs. You will also hear fans scream, “I love you!” countless times throughout the show. Join in on all the madness–scream and dance your little heart out.